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Questions to ask your client

We appreciate that many of your clients may be well travelled, but here are a few suggestions, tips and pre-travel questions you might want to ask your clients. This will help us understand your client’s needs and manage expectations.


  1. Are golf clubs being taken?
  2. If clubs are hired locally then we suggest your clients take their own golf shoes/gloves/balls.
  3. Sometimes golf buggies are included with the golf and sometimes not, please ask your clients if they prefer to walk with a trolley or ride in a buggy.
  4. Sometimes caddy fees are mandatory – This is the case when golf buggies are not allowed on the course and a caddy will carry your client’s golf bag. All charges & tips are usually paid locally in cash. If this is the case notes will be on the itinerary.
  5. When overseas, depending on country, monkeys or the like kind have been known to steel things from golf buggies so please remind your clients to keep food & valuables safe.
  6. Most golfers take out special insurance to cover any accidents on the course, please ask about this and we can advise your client of where to look for golf insurance quotations.

Questions you may be asked as the agent

Q. Are green fees included?

A. A green fee is the price that each golfer has to pay per round which is usually paid and reserved in advance of travel. We will not confirm a golf holiday without prepaid tee times.


Q. Do we get buggies included in the price?

A. Two golfers will share one golf buggy (motorised) so the cost is halved for a per person price.


Q. Is it a walking course or can we have a buggy or caddy?

A. Please check with us - some courses are walking only, some have compulsory caddies (people who carry your clubs), some will only let you have a buggy with a medical certificate, some are buggy only.


Q. We do / don't want to take our golf clubs on the flight with us.

A . Most airlines will charge for this. some offer incentives or free golf carriage if you sign up to a frequent flyer programme. If they don't want to take their own clubs they can usually be rented locally and we can add this into the package using our preferred suppliers. 


Q. Are all transfers included?

A.Typically with our holidays an airport transfer is included, however with golf travel most golfers will expect 'golf transfers'. This is where a private/shared vehicle will take them from hotel to golf course and back again. Generally this included in the overall price.

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