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Golf Travel Jargon

From time to time you will have some golf travel enquiries at your agencies. Some questions that are asked of you may not be that easy to answer as you may not play golf yourself.


Fear not we are here to help, you do not need to know one end of a golf club from the other or your birdie from your eagle, Journeys by Tee The World are on hand to take care of everything to ensure your clients have the most amazing experience.


Some handy golfing terms ....


1. Driver - A club that should hit the ball the furthest and not your personal chauffeur!!


2. Hybrid - A club that is easier to hit than some and not a type of car you plug in to re-charge!!


3. Fore - A word that is used to warn a fellow golfer that a ball may be about to hit them.


4. Par - This is the number of shots you should complete the hole in.


5. Birdie, Eagle & Albatross - Are all related to completing the hole under the par score and not what kind of bird has just flown over you!!


6. Handicap - This document is generally required to play most golf courses in the world and must be generated from the Golf Union from where your client originates. It is your rating as a player, the lower your handicap the better you should play the game.

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